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Must Be Confusing Me With The Maid Tin SignRunning out of ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, Mom’s birthday gifts, or any holiday gifts for mom? How about give her a funny & humorous gift that will make her laugh? Most moms have great senses of humor and will enjoy a good laugh once in a while. A piece of expensive jewelry is nice, a sentimental gift is nice, but sometimes a silly gag gift will just warm mom’s heart and make her laugh like a little girl.

Here are some of my favorite funny and humorous gifts including funny saying aprons, collectible figurines, posters and signs, greeting cards, and gag gifts. It won’t be hard to find the one that matches your mom’s character and her life style. Give mom a unique gift on her special day!

Dolly Mama’s Sassy Collection

Dolly Mama’s sassy humor is captured in these hand-painted figurines and collectible plates. Celebrate Mother’s day by giving her these hilarious limited-edition Dolly Mama’s collection with Dolly Mama saying “It’s Not the Age, It’s the Attitude”, “When Life Hands You Lemons, Keep Pulling the Lever!” Fully sculptured, hand-painted and loaded with sassy attitude, these Dolly Mama’s figurines and plates are listed as our number one funny gifts for mom.

DollyMama-1Dolly Mama’s Dazzling Divas Figurine Collection

DollyMama-2I’m Still Hot, It Just Comes In Flashes

DollyMama-3I’m Not Old, I’m Vintage

Funny Mother’s Day Cards That Will Make Her Smile

Sometimes all mom wants is a good laughter. I’m sure you have given your mom every gift you can possibly think of over the years. Feel a little short of ideas? How about give her a funny Mother’s Day card and, maybe, take her out for a nice dinner? Here are some of my favorite Mother’s Day funny cards, hope you will find the right one for your mom.

Funny Retro Mom Greeting Card
Funny Retro Mom Greeting Card

Mother's Day Funny Card
Mother’s Day Funny Card

Funny Retro Mothers Day Card
Funny Retro Mothers Day Card

Laugh It Up at the Towels

Funny Towels are great gifts for moms who love to cook and clean. Add some fun and laughter to your mom’s daily chores with these funny saying dish towels and kitchen towels. Let your mom laugh it up and share the joys with the family.

It Has Been Lovely Funny Kitchen Towel

Breakfast In Bed Funny Kitchen Towel

Concept of Cooking and Cleaning Kitchen Towel

Funny Aprons for Mom

Does your Mom Enjoy Cooking? If she loves to cook, these funny aprons will make perfect gifts for her. These funny yet functional aprons are sure to give your mom a good laugh and she will sure enjoy wearing them all the time.

Hippy Woman Sexy Funny Apron

Attitude Aprons Fully Adjustable “Your Opinion Wasn’t In The Recipe” Apron

You’re Pointless Maths Geek Humour Funny Nerdy Shapes Apron

A Cup of Happiness

It is not as hard as you would think to find mom a thoughtful gift this Mother’s Day. Mom has been through a lot in her life. What you want her to do is be happy everyday. You can please your mom with a piece of expensive jewelry, a bunch of fresh roses, you can take her out for a fancy dinner…but nothing beats give her one of these funny and humorous coffee mugs. Or you can give it to her as an extra bonus for being a great mom.

Coffee Do Stupid Mugs Faster Funny Ephemera Coffee MugCoffee Do Stupid Mugs Faster Funny Ephemera Coffee Mug

Coffee Makes Me Poop Funny Coffee MugCoffee Makes Me Poop Funny Coffee Mug

If You're Not Shaking You Need Another Cup Funny MugIf You’re Not Shaking You Need Another Cup Funny Mug

Funny Kitchen Signs for Mom

Mom spends a lot of time in her kitchen making dinner for us, preparing lunch box for kids, cleaning pans and pots…Why not give her something that will bring a smile to her face every time she looks at it. These funny kitchen signs are perfect gift for her on this Mother’s Day. Any mom who has a sense of humor will love these funny kitchen signs.

Kitchen Came with the House Funny Metal SignKitchen Came with the House Funny Metal Sign

Todays Menu Take It Or Leave It Tin SignTodays Menu Take It Or Leave It Tin Sign

No Bitchin' in My Kitchen Funny Quote Vintage Bowtie Metal SignNo Bitchin’ in My Kitchen Funny Sign

Funny Maxine Gifts for Mom

Maxine Escape Button Posters Maxine’s “tell-it-like-it-is” personality and her words of wisdom of life make her my favorite cranky old lady. If your mom is a fan of Maxine or she has a sense of humor, these Funny Maxine Gifts are great for her.
Maxine Posters
Maxine T-Shirts
Maxine Coffee Mugs
Maxine Magnets
Maxine Mouse Pads
Maxine Birthday Balloons

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