Cinco de Mayo Party Planning Ideas


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Fiesta Party Personalized Stickers
Cinco de Mayo is celebrated on May 5, the anniversary of a victory in 1862 in the fight for independence from French forces. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is seen as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. Its a day to celebrate the culture, achievements and experiences of people with a Mexican background. On this day, people from all over the places get together celebrating Cinco de Mayo. There are parties, parades, Mariachi bands, dancing and Mexican traditional food. Cinco de Mayo is a truly a fiesta and festivals in Mexican culture.

If you are planning a Cinco de Mayo party this year and looking for some ideas, here are some helpful tips and ideas on how to plan a Cinco de Mayo party including party decoration ideas, party activities and more. I hope you and your guests will enjoy the party and have a fun Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo Party Decoration

To get your Cinco de Mayo Party started, the first step is to decide where the party will be hosted. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor party, you need to get some party supplies to decorate the party area. Simply decorate the party entrance with a fun mustache balloon kit as a welcome message and dress up your party area with some Fiesta foil swirl hangings. You are off to a good start.

Have every of your guests laughing right after their arrival by decorating your party entrance with this mustache balloon kit. It includes two plain yellow balloons, two mustache smiley face balloons, and a large black mustache balloon. The kit also comes with black curling ribbon and a gold metallic foil spray balloon weight.

Add some excitement to your Cinco de Mayo party with this Fiesta Table Decorating Kit. This fiesta centerpiece set features 3 cultural theme standups and confetti pieces with Sombreros, maracas, and cactus designs. This colorful table decoration kit will bright up your party room instantly.

This pack of Fiesta Foil Swirl Hanging cutouts features six pieces of maracas and sombreros hanging from foil spirals. Perfect for your Cinco De Mayo party or any Mexican themed parties decoration. Space them around your party area and spice up your Fiesta party. Depends on how big your party room is, you can add more sets as needed.

Cinco de Mayo Party Invitations

Now is time to invite your family and friends to your party. Make a list of the guests you are planning to invite and send them a formal invitation with these fun Cinco De Mayo themed party invitations.

Cinco de Mayo Party Tableware

Cinco De Mayo is all about fun and feast. Provide your guests with some authentic Mexican food in these fiesta themed party tableware including plates, drink cups, napkins, and more. Also don’t forget to cover the party table with a beautiful Fiesta table covers.

Cinco de Mayo Costumes

As a party host, you will want to dress yourself and your kids in some Cinco de Mayo Costumes. You can define your party a Cinco de Mayo Costume party in the party invitations. But don’t make it mandatory because some of your guests might not like to dress in costumes.
Spanish Princess Child Costume
This traditional Spanish princess dress is perfect for your girl at the Cinco De Mayo party. Your little prince will stand out at the party in this red hot dress. The dress is designed with a ruffled skirt, red flowers and black trim. It also includes a red flower headpiece.

Hot Tamale Senorita Adult Halloween Costume Size Standard

Womens Hot Tamale Costume
Don’t forget to spice yourself up with Mexican styled costumes such as this Hot Tamale Costume. This beautiful dress is designed with off the shoulder white ruffle Top and rainbow stripe skirt. The lace up corset adds lovely detail to the dress. It includes a mini sombrero hat and cute flower choker.

Cinco de Mayo Party Favors

Party Favors are a fun way to get your guests quickly into the party mood. Hand out some mini Fiesta Maracas and Sombrero when your guests enter into your party room and dress them with the colorful Fiesta Beads. Now they are officially your Fiesta party members.

Cinco de Mayo Party Activities

Here are some fun activities to entertain your guests at your fiesta party:

1.Dance, Dance, More Dances! Prepare some maracas shakers at the party and encourage your guests to dance. You don’t need a Mariachi band to spice up the party. All you need are some good Cinco De Mayo Party Music. Dancing is a always a fun party activity that will get your fiesta started.

2.Don’t let kids get bored while their parents are having fun margarita time. Kids love pinatas. Prepared a Cinco De Mayo themed party pinata for your little guests. They will be having so much fun when they break the pinata and jump on the goodies falling out of it.

Why We Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the US?

Some people may confuse Cinco de Mayo with Mexican Independence Day which is the popular holiday in Mexico. Although it sounds more like a Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo is much more known in the United States than in Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is original known as the celebration of the victory battle in which Mexican Army defeat the French Army with the support and help of the U.S.. It changes the relationship between the United States and Mexico.  Now, Cinco de Mayo has become a holiday for the Mexican descent who live in the U.S. to celebrate Mexican culture and for Americans to learn more about Mexican traditions and culture. People celebrate Cinco de Mayo by throwing Mexican fiesta parties, participating parades, and enjoying Mexican food.







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Fun Easter Party Planning Tip and Ideas


Easter is the most important religious feast which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Easter is also a holiday when families and friends get together and have some fun. For kids, Easter is all about candies, Easter egg hunt, Easter bunnies, fun games and activities. For adults, it’s time to celebrate sunny days and springtime after a long cold Winter. Here are some party decoration ideas and fun games and activities to help you throw a fun Easter party.

1. Send Easter Invitations

To invite your families and friends and their little ones to your Easter party, you need to send them invitations that indicate when and where the party will be held. You can start with unique, homemade invitations if you are creative and have time to do it yourself. Or you can get some ready to send invitations such as this personalized Easter party invitation featuring a joyful Easter Bunny and your personalized text on the card. At the price of $0.99, it might just save yourself a lot of hassle and give you more time to prepare the party.
Check out Some More Cute Easter Party Invitations

2. Decorate the Party Area
Now you need to decorate your party area. The ideal color theme for the Easter party are pink, baby blue and soft yellow. Hang a Easter banner above the party entrance to welcome your guests.

If you are hosting the party in your backyard or a local park, these Bunny Lawn Signs will be a good option for decorating the party area:

Group a few balloons together and anchor them around the party area, they will bright up the party and bring joy to everybod’s face. If it is a outdoor party, be sure to weight them down properly or use balloon weights. Here are some cute Easter balloons:

It’s also a good idea to put up some extra decoration such as Easter standees, door covers, window stickers, whirls… Check out more Easter decoration ideas here.

3. Order Easter Party Tableware
Check your guest list and find out how many of them are coming to your party, don’t forget to include their little ones :). Then you need to go order some Easter themed party tableware such as plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, etc. Here are some cute designed Easter themed party tableware:

Hippity Hop Dessert PlatesHippity Hop 9 Oz. Paper CupsHippity Hop Lunch Napkins

4. Prepare Easter Food and Snacks
Other than prepare a traditional ham lunch for your guests, it is always fun to surprise them with some unique snacks and treats. Here are some fun and decorative food for your party:

Edible Chocosaurus Egg
Edible Chocosaurus Egg

Chock-full Chocolate Egg
Chock-full Chocolate Egg

Gourmet Robin's Eggs Refills, 8 oz. bag
Spring Nest with Gourmet Eggs

5. Easter Party Favors
Send your guests home with a bag full of goodies after the party. They will remember what a great afternoon they spend with you at your party. Some popular Easter favor are Easter lollipopss, plush chicks, Easter stickers, plastic Easter eggs, or anything Easter or spring related.

Easter Chenille Multicolor Plush Chicks

Easter Personalized Lollipops

Fillable Plastic Easter Eggs

6. Easter Games & Activities

Easter party is all about kids. There will be no fun if you don’t prepare some games and activities to keep the little ones busy. Easter egg hunt is a traditional Easter party game that every kid loves. Check out some helpful Easter egg hunt tips. Here are some fun Easter games and activities for your little ones and their little friends:

Egg and Spoon Race Game Set
Egg and Spoon Race Game Set

Wooden Bunny Hutch
Wooden Bunny Hutch

16"H Color Me Bunny
16″H Color Me Bunny

Printable games are very popular for all parties. They are fun to play, easy to get all guests involved and best yet, you can print as much copies as you need from your computer. Here are some popular Easter party games:

Easter Trivia gameEaster Trivia Game

Easter Icebreaker Game: Find Your Other HalfEaster Icebreaker Game

Easter Bunny Tail Tale Left-Right gameEaster Bunny Left-Right

More Printable Easter Games

Here you have it – a step by step guide on how to planning a successful Easter party. I hope you and your family a very Happy Easter!


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Romantic Valentine’s Gifts for the One You Love


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Celebrating with someone special this year? It is not too late to get that special someone in your life a unique and romantic gift. From traditional engraved gifts to fun surprises, and even cute novelties like lovers coupons, below you’ll discover some great gift ideas to help you show that special someone you care.

Love About You Journal

This little book contains fill-in-the-blank lines describing some aspect of your affection for your beloved. Just complete each line and voilà: you have a uniquely personal gift your loved one will read again and again. Make it as mushy, racy, or witty as you choose!

Custom Filigree Name Necklace

Give her a gift from the heart this with this custom filigree name necklace. This fashionable accessory comes in your choice of font, length, and color, making it an easy match to her current style. Personalize with her name, nickname, or initials for an accessory she’ll wear often. Or customize with your name so that she can always keep you close to her heart.

Locket – Silver Plated – Heart

Enclose a miniature note or photo into one of these personalized lockets for a memorable gift and keepsake that she will want to wear every day. Includes a coordinating 18″ chain with 1″ extender. Locket measures ~1″ at widest point.

Engraved Silver Plated Pocket Watch

Time stands still on your wedding day. For every other day, give the gift of this engraved silver-plated pocket watch. Whether you need a present for dad, grad, groomsmen or the best man in your life, this distinguished keepsake is just the thing.


Monogrammed Cufflinks

Give a traditional and classy gift to that special someone in your life this Valentine’s Day. This pair of handsome cufflinks features a three letter monogram. In addition to being a classic element of style, a pair of cufflinks is the perfect complement to a freshly starched shirt. Perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him!


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Valentine’s Party Invitations


Throwing a Valentine’s Party this year? First thing first, you need to make a list of people who you are going to invite to the party, then send out a formal invitation to each of your guests. From a fun kids celebration to a singles night with friends, we have the invitations to get your party started.  Following are some of my favorite Valentine’s Party invitations. Each has its own unique design and style, choose the one fits your party theme and start inviting your guests.

Confetti Hearts Invitation

Nothing says more Valentine than hearts. This traditional style Valentine’s Party invitation is filled with pink and red heart confetti arced above the wording. Three columns wording indicates the party time, location and address.

Cupid is Stupid Invitation

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples. Singles can also enjoy a fun Valentine’s Party! Invite your single friends over for an Anti-Valentine’s Day Bash.

This hot pink bordered invitation card with the phrase Cupid is Stupid XOXO at the top is perfect starter. Yes, girl, you are invited to my singles Valentine’s Party. Let’s drink wine, eat chocolate and watch chick flicks

Hearts and Love Garland Invitation

This Hearts and Love Garland invitation is designed with Heart garland in pink and gold which strung across the top of the invitation with hot pink border.

This invitation is great for any “Love” occasion such as Valentine’s Day party, bridal shower party and other love themed parties.

Valentine’s Door Invitations

Love is in the air! Featuring a red heart wreath on the door, and and two red topiaries at the entryway, this Valentine’s Door invitation send a warm and lovely welcome to your party guests.

Zippy Heart Invitation

Love the classic design? this Zippy heart invitation brings an elegant touch to a traditional valentine’s invitation. The zippy, big, soft red heart with a black outer rim is on a zig zag black and white patterned background. Add more love and hearts to your Valentine’s party.

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Peppermint & Candy Cane Themed Party


Everything You Need For A Peppermint & Candy Cane Themed Christmas Party

One of the most iconic holiday color combinations is the red and white candy cane peppermint stripe. It brings the sparkle and freshness of winter into your home and your surroundings. Just like Pumpkins are to Halloween, candy canes are to Christmas. If you are planning to host a classic holiday theme party that is fun and inviting this Christmas, try a candy cane and peppermint Christmas party. Here’s everything you’ll need.

Toot Sweet Scalloped Stripe Party Plates

These sweet scalloped stripe party plates are must haves for your holiday party. Featuring a red stripe colored pattern and a scallop edge with coordinating banding, these party plates are cheerful and pretty for Christmas party, New Year’s party, or any other party and celebrations. Serve your favorite party dishes and cakes in these plates, let the party starts!

Toot Sweet Scalloped Stripe Party Napkins

Here are the sweet scalloped and striped party napkins to match the sweet scalloped stripe party plates. Measuring 6 inches in diameter, these stylish party napkins are decorated with red and white stripes and accent color of your choice, and finished with a scalloped edge. They bring happiness to your Christmas party, New Year’s party, or any themed party or event.

Toot Sweet Scalloped Stripe Party Cups

Your upcoming party or event just got even sweeter thanks to these scalloped stripe party cups. These elegant party cups come decorated with a thick white stripe and color of your choice combination including the popular red holiday color. The cups are embellished with a gold or silver foil scalloped rim to add elegant accent to the cups. They match great with sweet scalloped and striped party plates and napkins.

Giant Pinwheel Decorations

Decorate your party area with these giant pinwheel decorations. The pinwheels come in 4 different sizes, and come in a multicolored or gold assortment. The multicolored assortment is embellished with lustrous gold foil and pinstripe pattern, and gold assortment comes in a variety of gold foil and white patterns. Whether hanging them from the ceiling or putting against a wall, these holiday pinwheels are sure to become the center point of the party and catch everyone’s eye.

Colored Decor Party Kit

This cute and colorful all-in-one party decoration kit is perfect for holiday parties or any other celebrations. Available in your choice of seven fun color schemes, this kit comes with everything you need to make your party look like it was designed by a pro. Each kit comes with a variety of colorful accents such as honeycomb balls, tissue paper pom poms, streamers, mini rosette fans, and latex balloons





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